Maya Dorsey’s Illustrative Guide to Paris Cafes from A to Z

The Culture Bazaar is proud to celebrate the first publication from our Parisian Ambassador Maya Dorsey of La Vie Locale titled “Paris Cafes from A to Z: Illustrated guide to Paris cafes.”

In April 2015, we introduced you all to Maya through our monthly expat series here where she spoke about her experience living, working and studying in Paris for the past 4 years. This Los Angeles native has taken her time living and breathing the French culture and turned in it into an amazing collection of information for the lovers of good coffee, cafes and vibes

Maya has launched her online marketplace through Etsy called Lavielocale Boutique. It is an E-shop with the aim to provide unique, quality goods, created in collaboration with other Paris based creatives. If you’re looking to carry pieces of Paris with you, the La Vie Locale Boutique won’t disappoint. Each items has a story behind it, made from quality products in France. Here is a little insight into the first products in the shop!

In addition to her fantastic new Parisian Guide, you can also purchase some other great goodies. See how below!

Paris Cafés from A to Z Guide

The pass time of Parisians taking breaks to caffeinate and socialize remains the same today as it did 100s of years ago, however the concept of “new wave”, specialty coffee shops is a newly emerging trend.

Paris Cafés from A to Z, is a handy guide to specialty cafés in Paris. This is another illustration based project realized in collaboration with, Yukiko Noritake. This project stemmed from one of her illustration assignments to create a typographic alphabet, with a theme of her choice. She chose Paris cafés due to her love for coffee and desire to discover a place for each letter of the alphabet. She asked me to collaborate and write the accompanying text for each café she chose. We ended up coming up with a beautiful pocket-guide that we decided to take a step further and self-publish. Order your copy here, they are available now!

La Vie Locale Tote

La Vie Locale in French translates to ‘Local Life. The blog La Vie Locale stemmed from the concept of discovering Paris as a local. This tote captures little images of everyday life in Paris.

The illustrations for this tote were hand drawn by Yukiko Nortiake, an illustration student from Japan currently based in Paris. The bags were printed on 100% cotton canvas totes by The Paris Print Van, a mobile print studio in Paris.

Available: Now on the La Vie Locale Boutique

bag and book maya

Parisian Door Tote

In the same essence of capturing everyday images of Paris, you can’t ignore the abundant number or beautiful doors there are in Paris. The Parisian door tote is perfect for door lovers. Likewise it is printed on 100% cotton canvas totes. These totes will be available in the shop early August.


All the beautiful photos included in this post were taken by the talented Irma of Refashion Gallery. She is a fashion, lifestyle, travel photographer from Indonesia based in Paris. It’s hard not to love her photography style, check out more of her work here.

Maya has always looked for new creative adventures so feel free to contact her if you’re interested on working on something together.

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